In The Belly Of The Beast, Part 9

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Belly of the Beast, Part 9

Still in the Batcave! (Hee!)

IZZY (in stunned disbelief): You have not one, but seven superhero outfits.

SETH (smoothly, having recovered his balance): It’s cosplay, Isabella. I wear them at conventions, and at live-action roleplaying games. It’s not like I put on a cape and throttle evil-doers….

IZZY: But you have a Batcave.

SETH: There’s nothing odd about them, Isabella. You’ll understand once you see. Hang on a second.

(A panel where he leaves the room.)

(…And then, in the next panel, he leaps back into the room in a ridiculously duded-up smoking jacket complete with ruffles, a Sherlock-Holmes-style cloak around his shoulders, and a huge meerschaum pipe with a gigantic stem. He should look like Doctor Who gone berserk, unless you can come up with something even funnier.)

SETH (proudly): Witness… The Evening Smoker!

IZZY (turning to go): if there is a merciful god, years from now the alzheimer's may - may - erase the image of that bulging codpiece from my brain. Until then, I'm leaving.

SETH: Is it the cape? Because this outfit comes with an optional mitre....

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