10th-Level Spy In The House Of Love

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The Script For Today's Comic!

10th-Level Spy In The House Of Love
(3 Panels)

Panel 1:
(Tom is talking to Branch at the coffee shop, or someone else generic you have slotted in as a background character)

TOM (looking at his watch): "Oops! Almost time for my roleplaying game."

BRANCH: "Wow, you must love that game. I wish I could go."

Panel 2:

TOM: "Why do you say that?"

BRANCH: "No matter what's going on, you get up to leave every Sunday at 2:00. Your GM must be phenomenal."

TOM: "…You could say that."

Panel 3:
(At the game, with other people about. Seth is a weaselly looking guy, and that's not a compliment, but there's something evilly seductive about him. He's leaning over the GM's screen, close to KARLA.)

SETH THE GM: "Zog the Barbarian crushes you to his chest in the moonlight. 'Your fire burns like ice in my heart,' he says. 'I must possess you.' "

KARLA (entranced): "Oh, yes, tell me more."

TOM (thinking): "…I'm terrified of what'll happen if I'm not here."

Ferrett Says

Last week, we introduced Branch, one of the major annoyances in Tom’s life; this week, we introduce Seth, who is the other pain in Tom’s patoot. Unfortunately, Karla likes both of them, so – as often happens with married couples – Tom’s kinda stuck hanging around these people.

(For the record, Karla likes Tanner. Except when he’s kicking in doors.)

Unfortunately, there’s not much to say about this except that today’s strip kicks off a week-long storyline, so you’ll be seeing some more exploration of this whole weird division between “real-life committed relationships” and “sexy roleplaying” this week…. Making anything I would write about this topic here completely redundant. But be sure to tune in on Wednesday for an extra-special announcement about Home on the Strange!

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