Guest Strip (The New Adventures of Queen Victoria)

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Ferrett Says

Today's strip is brought to you by Her Majesty Herself - Queen Victoria, that is. And actually, I think this one probably sums up the central tenet of Home on the Strange better than I could have done.

After all. Love isn't about finding someone who is perfect. You'll keep lookin' for awhile. You should listen to the wisdom. Message ends.

Oh yeah, and The New Adventures of Queen Victoria is one of my favorite webcomics - it's old-style, but I do so love old-style four-panels with a gag and no respect for continuity. So, you know, drop by. Expand your horizons. Be amused.

Oh yeah - come Monday, we'll have the State of the Union address, Ferrett-style. Roni's still on vacation, bless her heart. So watch for it.

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