Guest Strip (Kismetropolis)... And A Contest!

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Ferrett Says

Today's strip is provided by the uncontested queen of Home on the Strange fan art, Indigo of Kismetropolis. She is in fact made of complete awesome, and of course you should check out her site. More on this tomorrow.

But inspired by Indigo (and a piece of fan art that we got earlier this week that intrigued me), we are holding a silly contest! The winner gets a piece of original Roni Home on the Strange artwork, as taken from some actual strip that has been published here. Even I don't have that, which is awesome.

What can you do to win original artwork, signed by the great Roni herself?

Simple: Draw us Seth. Or, more appropriately, one of Seth's six other costumes.

See, in the last storyline, it was established that Seth has six other costumes that we have not seen. I am the writer, and I have no clue what they are. But I bet you do.

Thus, the person who submits the best drawing of Seth in one of his many costumes (and does so by Valentine's Day, because Seth's such a charmer) will get the art! (Obviously, we want to be able to publish said costumes, so if you don't want it up here, don't send it in).

Honestly? We have no idea how many people will actually do this. But we figured it would probably be pretty amusing, and if you're amusing enough, you'll be written into canon. So if you feel like it, send those arties in to homeonthestrange @!

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