Guest Strip: Kismetropolis III, Wolflady, And Seth!

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Roni Says:

Today, we have three surprises for you: The first is the final guest strip by Indigo of Kismetropolis, who completes her triptych of "HotS Characters Dreaming." Today is Tanner, and it's actually pretty darned accurate.

But alas! We had more guest strips than we had days, so I have to cram in an additional strip from someone who is not a cartoonist - the most excellent Wolflady from Ramblings of a Random Girl remixed our strip to provide a special first birthday strip! Awesome!

And lastly, the "Six Costumes of Seth" contest is still ongoing, but if you'd like to see the current entries (and we got more than I thought, they can be found here. Remember, if we choose your Seth as being the best costume, we'll not only make it canon, but you'll get a free piece of Roni art!

The Roni-and-Ferrett strips return on Monday. We've actually got new strips drawn so that we're ahead of schedule - how often does that happen?

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