This Week On “Heroes”

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The Script For Today's Comic!

This Week On “Heroes”

Hiro Nakamura (a happy Japanese geek, and the only kid on the show who is appropriately nerdly and enthusiastic about his powers) is talking to his friend Ando Masahashi. Hiro “pops” back in in the first panel, showing in some way that he’s been traveling through time, which is his power. (I leave the mechanism of that up to you, but it’s necessary to show for non-Heroes people that he’s done it.)

(Also note that we’ll need a lot of space for the balloons here, obviously. This is a dangerous strip wordwise.)

ANDO: Hiro! Are you back from the future yet?

HIRO: Yes! I have seen much in my travels!

ANDO: So tell me, Hiro: What does the future hold for us?

HIRO: Well, in the beginning, we’ll think that this all makes sense because the show is so well-written, and we’ve fallen in love with the characters.

HIRO: “This is going somewhere,” we’ll tell our friends. “Somewhere big.”

HIRO: But for every plot point that gets resolved, two mysteries will be introduced. They’ll promise the next episode will clear things up, but the network won’t let them answer any real questions.

HIRO: We’ll spend time trying to make sense of an incoherent jumble.

HIRO: After a year or two, we’ll stop defending the show’s producers, finally acknowledging that they were pulling it all out of their ass all along…. Just like The X-Files, Alias, and Lost.

(Final panel)

ANDO (disgusted): I didn’t want you to look quite that far ahead.

HIRO (looking enthusiastic and hopeful, looking away from Ando over the horizon, envisioning it): But then we’ll find some new show!

Ferrett Says

We're back. Miss us? Ah, it's good to be in the saddle again... And now we have a backlog of strips! It's a mere handful, but it's more than we've had since we started.

What's that? Tanner? Oh.

Funny thing, that.

See, a long time ago, some folks told us that our story arcs were too long and we needed to learn a better sense of pacing. When that happened, we would be awesome. And we thought, well, we could tell you what happened when Izzy was gone, but...

You probably wouldn't be interested. We had done almost two months of solid story, it's true, and we'd hate to bore you. So instead, we decided that we'd run a week of loosely-themed strips we like to call "Future Echoes," on things that will happen in the fandoms we love.

Today's target? Oh, hell, you knew what it was from the title. And yes, we know, Hiro doesn't come into play with a purple glow, but we have to have some visual effect.

Yeah, we'll get back to Tanner sooner or later. Maybe next week. If we think anyone would care.

Speaking of storylines you should be watching, our latest advertiser is Fish Tank, a surprisingly-tense little cartoon about fish trapped in a tank. I was surprised at how attached I got to the little guys, so check 'em out.

(Incidentally, the "Six Costumes of Seth" contest is still running through Wednesday. Send us your interpretation of Seth's costumes, and get some original HotS art! We've added some new entries to the costume archives, and there are some doozies....)

Roni Says:

Bah! We've had backlogs since we started! I had a week in my pocket until the honeymoon, then I got I got another week ahead last summer, but burned it when I went to GenCon. See, I get a few strips in the can, then Ferrett gives me a mega-strip *cough* Friday *cough*. I don't nix them because they're usually great strips and a lot of fun to draw, just art intensive.

There will be a few changes in the next couple of weeks to the site. I planned to launch them today but for the last couple of weeks I've been sick and working a lot so, they're not quite done. Luckily, I'm healthy and have this week off.

My apologies to the characters of Heroes. I've never seen the show, but am eagerly awaiting it coming out on DVD. It's rather hard to draw people I've never seen before, more so when I don't want to do extensive research for fear of spoilers. I did my best.

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