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Today's strip is dedicated to Vanirwolf from Wulfie. Vanirwolf my distant cousin, (okay, I admit, familiar ties to 1200 AD is A LOT distant but) though you may be stuck in AK, and far removed from the warmth of FL, I hope you are laughing as hard as I am at this and the weird parallels to some of our shared communities. September is way too far off. Miss you, brother. Miss you dearly. See you in September. Heilsa!

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Karla. Karla is at the computer, looking stricken.

CAPTION: One year after the Serenity Online MMORPG is released.

TOM: Karla? You okay?

KARLA: Yeah. It’s just… a really bad thing happened in the Serenity game today.

KARLA: See, two of my crew fell in love in real life, and they got married. The online ceremony was today. Everyone we liked was there…

KARLA: And right in the middle of it, we get attacked by a horde of players, killing everyone and ruining the whole thing.

KARLA: The bride’s character got permanently deleted.

TOM (stunned): Wow. I’m surprised the moderators let them get away with such antisocial behavior….

KARLA: You kidding? The mods led the attack.

(Final panel, for timing)

TOM (amazed): Wow, this Serenity game is really faithful to the source material.

KARLA: It’s right in the terms and conditions: “No relationship in the Whedonverse can end happily…”

Ferrett Says

Just in case you haven't heard, no, we're not kidding about this. But we imagined what it would be like, and we kinda came up with this.

Although no doubt we'll return to this as the time draws near. Roni's got a few ideas - given how we're both fans, the field is just ripe for parody.

In other news, I'd just like to remind y'all once again that the delightful Fish Tank is our sponsor for the week, and you might have missed it at the bottom of the page. Go check it out!

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