Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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The Script For Today's Comic!

I’m going to break tradition for this one, just so you can get an idea of how I view it and how it fits. We can talk, but this is a panel-by-panel breakdown to give you an idea; the layout’s in flux.

The scene is a very comic-booky wide panel (crossing the entire page width) of Voldemort, wand in hand, standing against a snowy field with a couple of tombstones on it. It should look bleak and easy to draw, with a handful of black splotches where spells have obviously taken place.

Voldemort is triumphant. He is so close to winning. Harry, on the other hand, looks small and defiant under Voldemort’s shadow, his clothes torn. This is obviously after a long and climactic battle, and Harry should look like he has gotten the worst of it. He holds his wand in one hand, and it is smoking. Voldemort is untouched.

VOLDEMORT: I always knew it would come down to this, Potter. Just us. Alone. In the graveyard.

VOLDEMORT: You have no hope of beating me. I didn’t fear Dumbledore, and you’re no Dumbledore – so what makes you think you have a chance? Give up.

HARRY: I have one hope left.

A close-up of Harry. His right hand holds the right end of the wand, and his left hand holds the left end, and he is beginning just to apply pressure so it is beginning to bow and flex as he starts to snap it. This should be at the bottom of the panel.

HARRY: It’s true; I can’t beat you at sorcery. You’ve always been a stronger wizard.

HARRY: But in my time away from Hogwarts, I have discovered… greater… powers than magic.

Same close up of Harry, except he snaps his wand in two dramatically. He holds one piece in each hand, looking heroic and defiant. One piece is just slightly longer.

Another wide shot, except now it’s Harry who’s looming over Voldemort, their positions reversed (so Harry is now on the left-hand side of the page), very clearly holding up the two halves of his snapped wand into an impromptu cross, and before him is glowing a gigantic crucifix (perhaps with a Christ on it?) – and huge, anime-style GOUTS of power are flowing out of it that are incinerating poor Voldemort.



VOLDEMORT (tiny): Mercy!

A close-up of Harry as he looks terrifying, holding up the cross and talking with the overblown confidence of a revival preacher:

HARRY: And when I’m done with you, I’ll find Hermione and sell her to a nunnery, and then slaughter every unbeliever in Hogwarts as THE LORD commands me to!

CUT TO: Tom, acting this out to Karla. He is enthused, ablaze with happiness; she is disgusted.

TOM: It’d piss off everyone! The Christians would have to read through six books of witchcraft to get to the payoff, and everyone else would be furious at Harry’s conversion!

KARLA: We are not talking about this any more.

Ferrett Says

This Sunday, we will have a first in HotS history: A Sunday Update. We'll explain why then.

In the meantime, have some of the nicest art that I think Roni has produced yet. We still have a few outstanding entries for the "Six Costumes of Seth" contest that I have to get up, but I had a tooth yanked today and am a little out of it. We'll do it on Monday, k?

Roni Says:

I felt this strip really needed a pencilly illustrative quality to really sell it and differentiate it from the usual HotS universe. It just took way more time than I anticipated, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Also, mad props to the bald gentleman in the black coat who let me slip through the gate with him when my ticket card didn't work* at the Central Square T stop yesterday. You rock!

* Which it SHOULD have. My husband and I got our cards together, put the same amount on them together, and used them the same number of times together, so there is no rational reason he should have been able to pass while I was blocked unless the machine tried to screw me by running my card twice. Particularly since there was no way to refill or purchase a card at that particular stop and James was already through. I only sneak for justice!

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