If It's Just A Game, How Come I'm Not Getting Any?

Sponsored by Amy Levy

To Matt, my Dearest Husband and Best Friend, on the Occasion of his 38th Birthday.
Being married to you has never been a game, but it has been fun.
Love, Amy

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The Script For Today's Comic!

If It's Just A Game, How Come I'm Not Getting Any?
(6 panels)

Panel 1:
(Tom and Karla entering the house, stripping their coats off.)

KARLA: "You shouldn't be jealous of Seth, Tom. It's just a roleplaying game."

TOM: "Well, your characters have been getting really hot and heavy lately."

Panel 2:

KARLA: "That's fantasy. It's the whole point of roleplaying. You pretend to be someone else for awhile. It's fun!"

TOM: "I think Seth's trying to pretend he's me."

Panel 3:

KARLA: "What do you mean?"

TOM: "He's trying to get into your pants. Have you not noticed that this is the sixth time a noble prince has duelled the fates to win your heart?"

Panel 4:

KARLA (stroking his cheek): "Don't be silly, sweetie. He's not getting anywhere. I love you."

TOM: "Your characters better not sleep with his."

Panel 5:
(Stunned silence.)

Panel 6:

KARLA (walking off panel): "I refuse to dignify that with a response."

TOM (shouting after her): "I'M NOT POLYGAMEROUS!"

Ferrett Says

“I’d like to remind you that this is just the second comic. We’re still getting on our feet and introducing characters, so these early strips are a little awkward…. If you like what you see, great! But don’t get too excited, ‘cause we could screw it up big time. And if you hate it, give us until the end of February; I’ve seen the strips we’ve planned for then, and they’re about as good as this is going to get.”
The Ferrett, in the commentary to “Laptops On My Lap, They Make Me Happy,” 01/25/2006

Well, folks, it’s been a month. And I’d like to announce something very solemn and important to you, since the end of February has passed and I am a man of my word:

Home on the Strange is now as good as it is ever going to get.

That’s right; after a scant sixteen comics, we have now honed our technique as far as it can go. There will be no improvements after this point. None. Oh, in a few months you may think that Roni’s art has improved further, or that we’ve honed our comic timing… But you’d be wrong. I will fight you tooth and nail in the forums over any implication that we have hit any zenith from this point forwards.

Because this is it. To state otherwise would be calling me a liar, and I shan’t have that.

Thus, even though we have additional scripts in the pipeline that will explore Buffy, and the peculiar nature of new nerd friendships, and Tanner’s further disastrous attempts at dating and gags about DVDs, this is Home on the Strange’s pinnacle. Oh, we may hold on to this strange summit for a very long time… But from this point onwards, there can be no progress.

I promised you something important. And by God, if you find us mediocre, I intend to fight for this mediocrity.

Thanks for listening.

“By then, we’ll deserve every cup of vitriol you can fling at us… Or me, anyway. I can’t speak for Roni.”
- The Ferrett, noting that Roni probably does feel quite different about this.
In fact, you should probably ask her before complimenting her on her amazing stasis as an artist.

Oh, and we’ve added a new archive system and a search engine. Enjoy.

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