Guest Strip (Malfunction Junction)

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Ferrett Says

One of my favorite webcomics these days is Malfunction Junction, a foul slice-of-life comic done by Matt Milby. I've raved about Matt's work before, so I was thrilled when Roni (who knows him personally) got him to commit to a guest strip while we were gone.

Alas, Matt's deadlines and ours are different. We have a hard MWF at midnight schedule; he gets his up sometime that day. So when he sent it to us at 8:30 a.m. on Friday on the last day of guest strips, we couldn't do it.

Now, we could have sandbagged this strip. Held it for a later time. But we loves us some Milby, and so for the first time in Home on the Strange history we're doing a Sunday strip.

Enjoy this. Tom's dialogue is, well... I wish I'd written it. Because it is correct.

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