In The Beast's Belly, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Beast’s Belly, Part 1

Tanner, in his apartment, thinking. He is slumped in a chair, and miserable, and drinking, the bottle clearly visible in his hand. The level of fluid in the bottle should decrease notably with each panel.

CAPTION: The night of Seth and Izzy’s date.

TANNER (thinking): So Izzy’s out with Seth. And I’m here drinking.

TANNER (thinking): Seth’s a scumbag, but he’s smart and funny and really charming when he wants to be.

TANNER (thinking): They’re probably hitting it off right now.

TANNER (thinking): I should get up! I should go to the house, and kick down the door, and tell Seth to get the hell out of there, that’s my girlfriend!

(He gets out of the chair, takes a step (the bottle still in his hand), and falls flat on his face, drunk.)

TANNER (thinking, still face-down on the floor, a finger in the air Daffy Duck-style): The problem with alcohol is that it gives you these great ideas and then robs you of the ability to carry them out.

Ferrett Says

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