In The Beastís Belly, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Beastís Belly, Part 2

Tanner, still in his apartment, on his second bottle, the first one tipped over by the side. He may still be on the floor, or crawling back to the couch, but in either case when heís done calling he should leave the phone on the floor.

TANNER (thinking): God, Izzyís probably kissing Seth right now. And Iím too drunk to drive.

TANNER (thinking): No, thatís wrong! Izzyís not like that. She loves you.

TANNER (thinking): If she loves you, why wonít she say it?

TANNER (thinking, same panel, so that the second panel is clogged with balloons Ė I may add extra dialogue here to make it seem like heís being completely overwhelmed by his own drunken thoughts): Do you need to hear it? Youíre not good enough. Would that fix it?

TANNER (speaking): Whoah. I gotta call someone to talk me through this. Someone I trust.

TANNER (calling, obv): Hey, Ann?

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