In The Beast’s Belly, Part 3

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To all the hot blondes out there we wish we weren't so crazy for.

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Beast’s Belly, Part 3

SCENE: At Tanner’s house. Tanner is sitting down. Ann rushes in, wearing in the white dress that was hanging upon the lamp in the final panel of the previous storyline. She is happy to see him.

Then again, Ann’s happy about everything. She says awful things in the course of the strip, but evinces no anger because really, she doesn’t care much about Izzy – this is just the way it is for her. She’s bright and perky and probably more likeable than she should be.

But she’s also distractable and not terribly concerned with other people’s reactions. She says the first thing that comes out of her mouth, and she doesn’t really pay attention to how Tanner – or anyone else – feels about it. She is a pure creature of the moment, acting on an instinct that may not arrive. Thus, she almost is always saying terrible things but she doesn’t mean them – they’re just popping out of her mouth.

The cell phone? On the floor. Visibly.

ANN (hugging him ecstatically): Oh, sweetie! I took a taxi as soon as I heard the news….

TANNER (with great dignity, starting to realize how bad an idea this was): Ann, you didn’t need to come over — I just wanted to talk —
ANN: When you’re that drunk, you slur. At least here, I can read lips.

ANN: And here I am to bail you out again. Did Izzy leave yet?

TANNER: - not yet –
ANN: But she’s seeing someone else tonight.

TANNER (shamed): Yes.
ANN: So once again, you found someone who wouldn’t acknowledge she’s dating you, but you kept being nice to her in the hopes that she’d give in, and now she’s seeing someone else.
ANN: And once again, you’re in your apartment, drunk and miserable and helpless.

TANNER: Uh… yeah.
ANN (archly): Are all your relationships Xerox copies of ours?

TANNER (uncomfortable): Well, I haven’t played “Solsbury Hill” outside her apartment yet….

Roni Says:

Now we have a new character, Anne. We've seen her a little, we've referenced her, but this is her first speaking role. Ferrett and I debated continuing to creatively not show her face during this sequence, but decided that it would get old, fast.

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