In The Beast's Belly, Part 5

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To all the crazy ideas out there we wish we weren't so hot for.

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Beast’s Belly, Part 5

SCENE: Yeah, yeah.

ANN (airily, not really thinking about Tanner’s reaction as she just sort of goes with her vision): So Izzy’s sleeping with Seth right now. They’re probably going at it like hounds, her crying out in ecstacy….

TANNER: All right, I get the picture.

ANN: But you don’t have to take that.

TANNER: What do you mean?

ANN: You know what’s awesome? When someone comes in through the door to tell you, “I’m sorry, I cheated on you,” and you tell them, “Too late. I did it first.”


ANN (slipping into salesman mode, enthusiastic): Revenge sex, Tanner. It’s the best sex you’ll ever have. It’s got all the slippery desperation of make-up sex! The electric self-esteem charge of the first hookup! And it’s all laced with that grim satisfaction of payback!

ANN: You need Revenge Sex, Tanner. It’s like a big sundae of sex.

TANNER: With a cherry on top?

ANN (distracted, completely innocent, finger in mouth as she considers this): Ooo. I’ve never tried it with a cherry….

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