In The Beast's Belly, Part 6

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Beastís Belly, Part 6

SCENE: Yeah, yeah.

ANN (seductively): Izzyís cheating on you, Tanner. And I, being the friend that I am, will throw myself on the grenade.

ANN: Letís do it.

TANNER (rising, we should be aware of how excruciatingly drunk he is right now): Youíre right.

TANNER (with that grave absoluteness that only comes when one is drunk): Iím gonna go into that bathroom, get the condoms, and when I come out Iím going to rock your world and show Izzy that she is not the boss of me.

ANN: Thatís the spirit!

(He walks in, and there should be a clear transition: heís proud and carrying himself high and haughtily, convinced of his reaction, then sees himself in the mirror and realizes what heís doing. He slumps, looking at himself.)

TANNER: What the hell am I doing?

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A handful of folks have noted that the scripts below don't always jine up with the final version. That's because Roni and I tend to make last-minute changes that both of us have agreed upon, so don't go into it expecting a perfect match-up. Just sayin'.

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