In The Beast's Belly, Part 7

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Beastís Belly, Part 7

SCENE: Tanner, looking in the mirror. All of these balloons are thinky-balloons.

TANNER (thinking): Here I am, in my apartment again, with a girl whoís probably cheating on me.

TANNER: And itís my fault.

TANNER: How many times am I going to chase after women who donít want me? How much damage am I going to absorb because I canít say, ďScrew this. Iím out of here?Ē

TANNER: How many times am I going to get drunk and do something stupid instead of asking for what I want?

TANNER: If Izzy doesnít want to date me, thatís her choice. But I have to decide whether Iím okay with that.

TANNER: And if Iím not, Iíve gotta learn to walk away.

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