In The Beast's Belly, Part 8

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Beast’s Belly, Part 8

SCENE: Ann is outside the bathroom door, knocking on it and pressing her face against it the way you do when you think that a pal may have passed out.

Note that Tanner’s dialogue is him drunk. He could certainly phrase this better, but the whole “characters do not always speak the precise emotional mood” is here. In truth, if this was a therapy session Tanner would acknowledge that they’re not dating and thus Izzy’s not really cheating on him, yeah, but he’s drunk and this is a doorway conversation. So that’s that.

ANN: Tanner? You still conscious?

TANNER (all this from behind the door): Yeah. Listen….

TANNER: Maybe Izzy is fooling around. But it doesn’t feel right to cheat on her just because she made a choice. I have to trust her for once.

TANNER: But I can’t resist you when I’m drunk, either. And I know you want the revenge sex with me, so…

TANNER: ….I’m just going to stay in here until you go away. Okay?


ANN: You realize this makes it a challenge.

TANNER: Oh crap.

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