In The Beast's Belly, Part 9

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Beastís Belly, Part 9

SCENE: Ann, outside the bathroom.

ANN: Dammit, Tanner, you canít do this to me! You got me all worked up with the revenge sex, and now I want it! Iím hot!

TANNER: Iím not coming out.

ANN: But sheís cheating on you!

TANNER: Two wrongs donít make a right. Iím not screwing up this time.

She looks around mischievously. Then she takes off her dress, stripping down to whatever you feel comfortable showing, and hangs it on the lamp. She hangs by the door.

ANN (melodically, teasing, a siren who is totally seductive): Oh, TannerÖ.

TANNER (from behind the door): Oh, God, I know that voice. Thatís a naked voice!

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