In The Beast's Belly, Part 11

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Beast’s Belly, Part 11

The possum is in the window. It looks at Ann, and decides it does not like her. Note that this portion is critical; we have to see the possum, who came in looking for Tanner with a hopeful expression, suddenly register Ann – and it has to be clear that it sees Ann – and growl before it attacks. Getting across the possum’s reaction is the most important thing in this strip.

ANN: What the hell? Where is that….

The possum is violent against Ann, clawing at her in a cartoon frenzy of animation (funny, not realistic) as she flails about, knocking all sorts of shit over and smearing blood around the room.

ANN: Tanner! Help! It’s –

Finally, having decided that she cannot vanquish a possum single-handedly, Ann shrieks and runs out of the apartment stark naked. The possum preens, having achieved victory.

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