In The Beast's Belly, Part 13

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Beast’s Belly, Part 13

Tanner is leaning down to the floor (explaining why we can’t see the possum – it’s behind the counter), placing a bottle of mustard and a box of Chinese food on the floor.

TANNER: Eat up and stay put, little guy, while I clean the apartment.

TANNER: Sorry I didn’t have more in my fridge for you, but old mustard and Chinese food is bachelor chow.

(He begins to clean)

TANNER: I hope Ann’s okay, but I’m way too drunk to track her down. She’s always taken care of herself anyway….

TANNER: Right now, I have to hide this mess so Izzy never finds out what happened. She’ll be out late with Seth, and by tomorrow I’ll…..

CUT TO: The exact same panel at the end of In The Belly of the Beast, with Izzy coming home. The only thing changed is the caption:

And so we return.

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