In The Beast's Belly, Part 14

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To Bruce, the Tanner to my Izzy! We'll keep on doing 'stupid crap' together always! xxx

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Beast’s Belly, Part 14

Tanner and Ann face off.

TANNER (shocked, still drunk): Izzy, I….

TANNER (coming to an uncertain conclusion – this may not be the correct choice, but dammit it’s the only one he knows at this point in time) : Okay. Screw it. You know that stupid crap I do? I did it again.

TANNER: I called up Ann, and she came over, and I really wanted to have sex with her. But then….

TANNER: Then I thought, “Man, that’s not what Izzy deserves.” I mean, even if you did – you know, sleep with Seth (which evidently you didn't, because you're back WAY early) I didn’t think that was….

TANNER (shamed, coming to the realization for the first time as he comes face-to-face with actually owning up to the shit he does): I’m dumb. I do stuff like this. And I don’t want to.

TANNER (heartbroken): And if you wanted to leave now, I’d understand, and I’d never ever bother you because you’d be right, but….

TANNER (begging, his voice a whisper): Please give me a chance.

(There is a panel’s pause as Izzy looks at him, thinking, and then….

IZZY: Always.

(Close: a big two-panel where they kiss. The little Heart O’Love is now officially there.)

Ferrett Says

Let us discuss, for a moment, the signs of a good webcomic artist.

At this point, dear Roni has done something in the way of a hundred and seventy comics. And not only has her style evolved and refined tremendously as time has gone on, but she has never missed a deadline. This is not something you find in your average artist. Most of ‘em seem to like the idea of a webcomic, but come time to produce they’re off hugging their Wii or AIMing themselves into oblivion.

This is why one Pare is worth a million other artists. Because those million other artists, combined, might equal her regularity. Deadlines ‘r’ us, baby.

I lucked out. I don’t know how, but I did, which is cool.

My friend Misha, on the other hand? Not so much.

Misha writes the comic Cheshire Grin, which died at about the same time that we started. His artist left after 400 or so comics, and Misha has more story to tell but no actual people to draw it for him. (And man, does his own drawing suck.) I’ve watched him audition various artists – people who sent him great sketches and then vanished from sight, or people who claimed to be big fans and then couldn’t name the lead character, and nightmares upon nightmares.

And so I ask. If anyone out there is an artist and is willing to goddamned work for it, please email Misha. He just wants someone to love with a big plot he can wrap them around. I swear.

In other news, this week has been awesome for two reasons:

1) In case you’re not reading Girl Genius (and why the heck aren’t you?), we got a nice little in-joke reference in the Monday strip. Heya, Foglios! Write more Buck Godot, ‘cause I miss him! (Assuming you’re reading this, of course. But even if you’re not, we still love you anyway.)

2) We still have to finish off the art contest, which will be done as soon as my frickin’ desktop stops crashing every twenty seconds, but I should add that we now have a fan art first: the Seth puppet. I kid you not.

Oh, and since I’m yammering on, I may remind y’all that I will be attending Penguicon this year as a Nifty Guest, appearing on several panels with people who are far better writers than I am. Fortunately, I have mastered the art of appearing to be smart by hiding among geniuses.

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