In The Beast's Belly, Part 16

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Happy Wedding Anniversary for my Qadesh from his Qadistu!

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Beastís Belly, Part 16


IZZY (off-screen, as I said): TANNER! HELP!

TANNER: I donít know what to do! Iíve never broken up a possum fight!

IZZY: But WHY? Why is it Ė agh! Jesus!

TANNER (earnestly, unsure of what to do): It knew I wanted to save it! It must remember that you wanted to leave it to die!

IZZY: Thatís stupid! Possums donít hear cell phones Ė they Ė AIIEEE!

IZZY: I canít stay! Itís tearing me to shreds! I have to Ė

(Sound effect: SLAM! The door closes as she runs out.)

TANNER (calling after Izzy earnestly, hand cupped to his mouth as he shouts out a long distance): LOVE YOU!

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