Beast: Coda the First

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Beast: Coda

Tanner is talking to Izzy on his phone at his apartment. He is feeding the possum. Perhaps Izzy has some bandages, I dunno.

IZZY (depressed): So your possum hates me.

TANNER: We donít know that. Maybe the next time you come overÖ.

(The possum lowers its head and growls.)

TANNER: Okay, maybe not.

IZZY (alarmed): Is it growling at the sound of my voice?

TANNER: Look, anyway, Iím keeping it. Iíll just stay at your place.

IZZY: You canít keep a possum. Itís not licensed.

TANNER: I canít keep it, but it wants to stay. It eats my leftovers, and seems pretty happy here. Besides, Iíve already named it.

IZZY (bemused): What do you name a possum?

TANNER: Mincemeat.

(The possum looks up with approval.)

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