Beast: Coda The Final

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Beast: Coda III

Tom and Tanner at the café of doom.

TOM (processing this slowly, unsure he’s hearing what he’s hearing): So they didn’t put the possum to sleep.

TANNER: No. It came back and saved me from Ann.

TOM: … Who is now scarred for life.

TANNER: Actually, she’s earning twice as much money these days.

TOM (facepalm): Tanner, you’re not still talking to her, are you?

TANNER (a little affronted that Tom would think him so dumb): Tom, I see her because we work at the same strip club. Or we used to, anyway. Now she’s working at the Goth bar.

TOM: What would the Goth bar want with a banged-up stripper?

The Goth bar, with Ann scarred and now wearing a big REALLY FAKE wig curling up sensuously in the lap of a student, coquettishly showing off her latest scar. A banner behind them says, “The Black Bar: Where Hope Dies And Trent Reznor’s Always On.”

ANN: …and I made this scar with barbed wire when I read Sandman and realized how much I wanted to be Despair. I wrote a poem about it.

ANN: Twenty bucks and I’ll read it to you.

Ferrett Says

Today, we have a new advertiser - that would be College Roomies From Hell!!!, an awesome and very funny webcomic. In fact, I like it so much that were it only slightly less popular, I'd have made it the subject of one of my infamous Webcomic Reviews, but alas! It has acquired such a following on its own that it no longer meets my "Less popular than us" criterion.

That said, CRFM is no doubt hoping that the HotS audience will jine up with their humor, and I think by and large it will. The trouble is that they're in the middle of a storyline, so work your way back a bit. It's worth it.

In other news, don't forget that our advertising is a mere two bucks a day. Feel free to grease our palms. We like money, for it makes us feel full of food and stuff.

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