Syndrome Syndrome

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Today's comic is dedicated by Vox Mortuum to all the fibromytes. If you are still looking for an effective treatment, please research the supplement 5-HTP online and take the information to your doctor so you can decide if it's effective for you. It certainly was for me.

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Branch, and, unbelievably, Izzy.

BRANCH: so i have problems relating to people cause of my aspergers syndrome....

IZZY (perking up): What? When did you get diagnosed with Aspergers?

BRANCH: i read about it online and decided i had it

IZZY: What the hell? You can just self-diagnose yourself with major problems?

BRANCH: i fit the symptoms on the page

IZZY: Oh, that's just great. I love the way that people can decide spontaneously to join the disease of the week bandwagon. Aspergers, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome....

IZZY: These are real diseases. But when every hypochondriac yahoo in the world decides they have them because they read a stupid article on, they trivialize it for everyone else.

IZZY (hand to the back of the head): "Oh! I tell the world I have fibro when I don't want to work! But when it comes time to go dancing at the club, I have boundless energy!"

IZZY: If you think you have this crap, SEE A DAMN DOCTOR AND GET SOME HELP.

IZZY: And if you don't, you're probably just making this crap up, so SHUT THE HELL UP. YOU'RE MAKING IT HARDER FOR THE POOR BASTARDS WHO REALLY HAVE THESE PROBLEMS.

BRANCH (sullen): That was mean.

IZZY (uncaring, drinking her coffee Tom-style): Well, I'm a self-diagnosed psychopath, so it's okay.

Ferrett Says

Two notes:
1) I'm sure there's some medical distinction between a syndrome, a disease, and an ailment. But you know, it's not the kind of distinction that most of us make casually, so I'll leave that up to you medical students to hash it out.

2) I should note that "get some help" can be as simple as "get the official note so that you can go on disability, you schmuck." Yes, yes, I know these aren't curable, thankewverymuch.

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