History Will Decide

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The Script For Today's Comic!

XTC Versus Adam Ant, Part 1

Tom and Karla are sitting in a place together that is suitably easy to draw. Tom is looking at his laptop screen, or computer screen, or some screen.

TOM: Man, this has to be the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

KARLA (amused): Now that’s a bold claim.

TOM: Seriously. There are fifteen pages of debate on this stupid thing.

KARLA: And the topic is…?

TOM: “If you put a bear and a shark in a tank half-filled with water and had them fight to the death, who would win?”

KARLA: You’re right. That is magnificently idiotic.

(Pause as they consider this. And then, as one:)

KARLA: Bear.

TOM: Shark.

Ferrett Says

Based on a true story. And we're not done yet, either.

Incidentally, congratulations go to our fellow webcomic creator (and HotS guest strip artist/writer) Pab, writer of The New Adventures of Queen Victoria, which just inked a deal with gocomics.com to be on the same (web) page as Doonesbury, Garfield, and For Better or For Worse. We loved Her Majesty from the start, and the fact that she will now be earning more money than we are does not fill us with a deep, gut-churning envy in any way, nossireee.

(Did I mention our top banner goes for $2 a day?)

In any case, a massive congratulations! We celebrate the second ascension of the Queen.

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