Only One Will Survive

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The Script For Today's Comic!

XTC Versus Adam Ant, Part 2

Same place, but it’s obviously been awhile, if you can indicate that. They are bent over a diagram. This should be a four-panel strip with a lot of headspace for balloons, since it’s REALLY wordy.

TOM: Obviously, it’s a polar bear – that’s the fiercest bear –

KARLA: - and a Great White shark, they’re mean.

TOM: And we’ve agreed that the tank has to be halfway up the bear’s waist.

KARLA: Too low, the shark drowns; too high, the bear can’t fight at all.

TOM: But you can’t just put them in the same room and let them go at it.

KARLA: No, because the first one to strike would win. You have to make sure they both start out fighting each other.

TOM: So we starve the shark and bear so they’re hungry, and then separate them with plexiglass….

KARLA: …a bell rings to alert the bear that a shark is coming, and we remove the barrier. Water floods in, and…

TOM: Bam. Instant bear-shark fight.

(Pause, if not a full panel.)

KARLA (slightly distressed yet still cynical): You realize we’ve now spent more time designing an imaginary sharkfight than we did planning our home insurance policy.

TOM (loftily): Please. An imaginary bearfight.

Ferrett Says

There is a certain amount of glee to watch you all start the debate, knowing this was coming.

Speaking of coming, Friday. Friday, we will finally choose the winners of the "Six Costumes Of Seth" contest, as my computer returns from my meltdown. Whee!

And speaking of coming soon to a convention, just a reminder: if you're in Troy, Michigan not this weekend but the next, I will be on many panels at Penguicon. Attend. Ask for corn dogs.

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