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The Script For Today's Comic!

XTC Versus Adam Ant, Part 3

They’re still at it, though it’s getting heated. Each of the three panels’ worth of argument should get increasingly mad until they’re practically going at each other, until they’re nose-to-nose in the penultimate panel.

KARLA: Puh-lease. The polar bear wins. It shreds the shark’s gills with its claws, shark suffocates.

TOM: Like the bear would have time! The shark dashes in, bites through the bear’s hamstrings, then zips to the other side of the room!

KARLA: Yeah, ‘cause polar bears are so slow. Besides, the shark’s teeth couldn’t penetrate the bear’s thick hide in time…

TOM: …teeth that have sliced through steel wire! Like fatty tissue is a match for an animal nicknamed “Jaws”!

KARLA: Look, dumbass, the bear would eat that shark like it was a halibut!

TOM: You moron – the shark would bleed the damn bear to death!

KARLA: Shark!

TOM: Bear!



(CUT TO: The two of them, in bed, obviously post-coital. Karla is both satisfied and horrifically amused, asking her question to the air.)

KARLA: I wonder whether other couples use debate as foreplay?

TOM (cheekily): It’s better than mass-debating.

Roni Says:

Drum roll please! Finally, through begging, cajoling and threats with a taser, Ferrett got his laptop to give up the goods for the many Faces of Seth Costume contest! We got a lot of great work and it was a tough call. Some were hilarious, some were lovingly rendered, others were simply inspired. We eventually picked the winner as the best cross section of humor, execution, and staying in character.

Honorable Mention (Funny): The Partytron by Bateleur

When this hit my inbox it was the funniest thing I had seen all day, and quite possibly the funniest thing I had seen all month. We had to resize the image for the gallery to keep load times down, but you're missing out on the best part; scrolling down to the beer tap. I laughed so hard I was crying. Then I left Ferrett a completely incoherent voicemail because I couldn't stop laughing long enough to make sense and he had to see it RIGHT THEN.

Honorable Mention (Pretty): The Grammarian by Mat Bacon

That's just gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could do that, though it does give the disturbing impression Seth is wearing a Tanner suit.

The Winner: The Lounge Lizard by Troy Smith of Scandal Sheet This is great. The martini, the chest hair, the prehensile tail, the...bulge; he's like a Batman villain by way of He-Man, but in Las Vegas. He wants to bring you back to his lair to show you his repertoire.

Once again, great job all around. Troy, please email me with where to send your drawing. That also goes for Machelle, to whom we'd like to send a little somthin' somethin' for inspiring this contest in the first place. It's been a lot of fun.

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