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The Script For Today's Comic!

Why You Think The Net Was Born?, Part 1

Tom and Karla, talkiní by the computers. (And yes, I know itís wildly inaccurate. Itís supposed to be.)

TOM: I envy you, Karla. Iím still stuck at seventy friends on LiveJournal, but you just hit 900.

KARLA: Actually, Iíve been thinking about going somewhere else.

TOM: But why? Whatís wrong?

KARLA: LJís too small; Iíve fished this pond out. I need a better social network to attract a bigger audience.

TOM: Where would you go? Facebook?

KARLA: Come on. Facebookís for pimply college girls who are trying to keep in touch with the high-school boyfriend theyíll be dumping by the second semester.

TOM: What about Blogger?

KARLA (ticking them off on her fingers): Bloggerís for comic nerds who scan in old Batman panels and look for homoerotic undertones. Xangaís for teenaged yaoi fangirls looking for advice on how to kiss their first boy, and Friendsterís for the isolated kneebiters who didnít get the 2004 memo that nobody cares about Friendster any more.

KARLA: Whatís left? MySpace. The biggest and best target.

TOM (distressed): What about LiveJournal?

KARLA: Polyamorous Wiccan bisexuals with an axe to grind and a disintegrating primary relationship.

TOM: No wonder you have 900 friends.

Ferrett Says

Today, we return to a very old storyline - Karla and her attempts to take over the Internet. I've been waiting to get round to this, and thankfully there will be no army drawings in this one.

Also, just one last reminder - anyone wanna see me, I'll be at Penguicon this weekend in Troy, Michigan. Stop by, say, hi, have a corn dog. Or, perhaps, a Chupaqueso - they're delicious.

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