What You Think He Do After?

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Why You Think The Net Was Born, Part 2

Theyíre still talkiní.

TOM (slightly exasperated, but good-natured): Karla, I donít know why you think you can take over MySpace. Itís not like others havenít triedÖ.

KARLA: I have 900 friends on LiveJournal, Tom. Iíve gone as far as I can go with it.

TOM: Thatís not much. Some LJ hacks have 2,652 friendsÖ

KARLA (waving him off): Bah! LJ limits me, because it has too few people to rope in with my unique brand of sexy zaniness! I need a larger network to invade!

TOM: Sweetie, I donít think you understand how big MySpace is. Rob Zombie has has 370,000 friends, Borat has 450,000 friends, Dr. Dre has like 400,000.

TOM: Hell, Kevin Smith has 150,000 friends.

KARLA (pushing up her boobs emphatically): But does Kevin Smith have these?

TOM (thoughtful, almost not noticing Karlaís breasts): Actually, his are bigger.

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