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Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

The Script For Today's Comic!

Karla and Tom are talking. There is a large vertical roulette wheel behind them, like the kind you find at carnivals when you spin them and get a prize. (http://www.ildado.com/big_six_wheel.html)

TOM: Karla, how can you fill your blog with content every day?

KARLA: It's easy when you spin the WHEEL OF BLOGGING!

(Center panel: A close-up on the huge reel. Unlike a normal wheel, it's not even - the slices are spaced to fit whatever text is in there, and some of the slices are obscured by the panels (so we can reuse this gag later on). On the slices we can see are:

Bush: Still wrong
Stinky BPAL review
Bitch about husband
This movie trailer proves this movie will kick ass Whoah, that movie sucked My job sucks What the hell is up with Lost?
Battlestar Galactica: Still depressing
Why my cow-workers couldn't find their ass with two hands and a flashlight
Poll with clicky thing
Cleavage shots
Oh, I feel so sick
Mock famous person so we can all feel like somehow, we live a better life than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Make fun of fringe group/Defend fringe group
It's too cold/hot outside
100-word Doctor Who fanfic
More cleavage
Link to amazing science breakthrough that will never actually produce anything that you can personally buy
Jesus Christ, what's wrong with furries?
Ennui over a life that seems to have lost all meaning, leaving you adrift in a void of existential nothingness where you're not sure whether you should end it all or perhaps you should just forge on as if nothing had happened because perhaps this flatness is life itself
Here's a crappy drawing I made, tell me it's good
Excerpt of my unpublished fantasy novel, isn't it awesome?
Lasagna: Still delicious

TOM (vaguely worried): "Bitch about husband"?

KARLA (also worried - he's found something he wasn't supposed to see): You're not on that filter.

Ferrett Says

Hoo boy, this one was a pain to do. And it wasn't even supposed to be here!

See, initially, today's strip was supposed to be a mySpace joke, but due to a technical error in the way that I thought mySpace worked, it didn't pan out. (You can see the original script in the forum thread to this strip.) And so I brainstormed with my wife to come up with a quickie drop-in that would be easy to draw....

...it wasn't. Suffice it to say that this is the only strip where I have put in almost as much time drawing it as Roni. I tried Excel to do this, no soap. I tried Fireworks. I did a lot of twirling and manipulating. And in the end, Roni still had to clean it up and draw the characters.

That said, the Wheel will be a t-shirt later in the week (Cafe Press is being slow to approve the image, so email us if you want to reserve a shirt), and the magnificent Allah Sulu has already made the online Wheel. G'wan, go take a spin.

In other news, my friend and co-worker Craig Stevenson - who is, when he chooses to write, the funniest man on LiveJournal - has just started up his own strip: Ungrateful Dead, the story of a man haunted by the ghost of Jimi Hendrix, who wants him to start a truly kick-ass band. It's only two comics in, and that's always the awkward phase; comics get so much better once you've established the characters well enough that you can just tell their stories. But hop on board now, 'cause I have great faith in Craig. Boo-yah, boys.

Roni Says:

See, what Ferrett didn't realize is by laying out the wheel he has started something. This time last year I was getting married on Sat. Ferrett said not to worry about the strip, he'd take care of it Now, a year later, he's done art for his second strip. Once is happenstance, twice is a tradition, so I vote Ferrett draws the strip before my anniversary from here on out.

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