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The Script For Today's Comic!

Why You Think The Net Was Born, Part 4

Karla and Tom are waking up.

TOM: Good morning, sweetie.

KARLA (overjoyed): Good MORNING!

(She leaps to her computer. Tom follows.)

TOM (happy for her): Well, youíre in a good mood.

KARLA (girlishly happy, about to open a pony on Christmas morning): I would be! Last night, I created my MySpace profile, clued in my LJ army, and posted my sexiest pics. Iíve let the comments and friends requests marinate overnight.

KARLA (over the top): And now, I open the gates to my new-found MySpace glory, and welcome in the tides of well-wishers and sycophants who will give me my due!

(A full-panel pause while she stares at the screen, confused and mildly baffled, perhaps even a bit annoyed. Then, in the next panel, she turns to Tom in perfectly innocent confusion.)

KARLA: Öwhatís a MILF?

Ferrett Says

Having spent the weekend at Penguicon with other webcomic folks who are artists, I had a deep envy. They get to draw their own strips.

Then I realize that they will never get the joy of pulling up their next strip and seeing The Hair like it is today, and by God I've stopped envying them.

In other news, I am exhausted, but I got Randy Milholland and Howard Tayler to draw me ferrets, so it's all good. There just aren't enough good ferret comics out there, man.

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