You Are Ruining My Song

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Why You Think The Net Was Born, Part 5

Karla is now outraged – not at Tom, and that not-being-mad-at-Tom should be clear, but at her MySpace audience.

KARLA (furious): They think I’m a mother they’d like to – ?

TOM (his balloon overlapping hers so that the “f**k” is neatly chopped off): Karla, you are nearly twice the age of the average MySpace user.

KARLA: But I did my research! The average age is thirty-five! I should be the hottest thing on there!

TOM: But that’s across all users. The power users are all young.

TOM: Remember, the predominant culture of MySpace are arrogant teens and snobby college students, each trying to show the world how cool they are.

TOM (hand on shoulder, sympathetically): They like you. But in the world of MySpace, a 37 year-old is an elder statesman.

KARLA (despairing): Look at these comments. “Totally hot teacher.” “Stacy's Mom has got it going on.” I've got a thousand readers, but half of them can't even vote!

TOM (reassuring): You wanted an army, sweetie. And now you have one…

KARLA: Great. An army of embryos.

TOM: Talk to them! Think of it as stem cell research!

Ferrett Says

Hmm. Friday's strip is comic #200, and we still haven't missed an update (mostly due to the tender and diligent ministrations of one Veronica Pare). I feel like we should celebrate this in some form, but God knows if I have any good ideas as to how to do it.

(If you feel like congratulating us, you could always sponsor a strip. We like that. I hate gaps.)

In other news, Karla's expression in the final panel here may well be my favorite expression ever. I just adore that.

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