Sorry, Right Number

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tanner is in his apartment, calling Tom’s house. He has a land-line phone. Now, you could cut to Tom and Karla as they talk, but frankly I think it would be a lot funnier if the entire strip consisted of Tanner’s reactions as he talked on the phone, without cutting away.

Also, the pace of this strip should be rapid and fast, and I envision it as a few panels absolutely clogged with word balloons. It should be quick and sweet, even though there’s a lot of dialogue and it’s complicated, but that should be part of the fun.

PHONE: …hello?

TANNER: Hey, Tom! Do you and Karla want to come to the Flogging Molly concert this Friday?

TOM: Tanner, you know I don’t handle the social calendar. Let me put you on with Karla.


KARLA: This is Karla.

TANNER: Karla, did you and Tom want to go to the Flogging Molly concert this Friday?

KARLA (excited, loud): SQUEEE!

TANNER (smiling and thrilled to be helping her, holding the phone away and wincing a little, as her enthusiasm hurts his ears): …I’ll take that as a yes.

KARLA: Well, we’re free on Friday, but the budget is Tom’s department. Hang on, lemme put you through.


TOM: …hello?

KARLA: Tom, this is Karla. Tanner wants to know if we can go to a Flogging Molly concert this week.

TOM (keyboard clicks): Cost of the tickets?

KARLA: He wants to know the cost of the tickets.

TANNER: $35 apiece.

TOM: Hmm… No, our heating bill was way over this month. We’ll have to pass. But thanks for thinking of us; we appreciate your patronage.

KARLA: Thanks for calling Tom and Karla’s house.

*click* *dial tone*

TANNER (walking away from the phone): Those two have been married for way too long.

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