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Congratulations to Ferrett and his partner on your 200th strip!
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The Script For Today's Comic!

Karla and Tom together. Karla is happy.

TOM: You're in a better mood. What happened to being upset because your fans are all fifteen-year-old horndogs?

KARLA: I was a little miffed, yes....

KARLA (darkly, scheming, gleeful, perhaps even with scary mood lighting): ...until I thought of the possibilities.

KARLA: "What good are teenagers?" I thought. Then I realized: they're clay to be shaped by ME.

KARLA: I'll give them advice during their bad times, lead them when they're at their most vulnerable. I'll show them how to date, teach them how to work out.

KARLA: Then, when they are of voting age, I will OWN THEIR SOUL. I will be their mother, their mentor, their savior - LEADER OF MY OWN CULT OF BRAINWASHED YOUTH!

KARLA (scary laugh again, echoing the first time we did this gag): MWOO HAH HAH HAH HAH!

TOM (same expression, too): I still fear you.

KARLA (thoughtful, the mania completely faded, finger in mouth as she considers): Unfortunately, it means I'll have to watch "High School Musical" so I have something to talk to them about....

Ferrett Says

This is our 200th comic. And by gaw, I'm happy because this features some of my favorite Roni art in the whole damn series. Look at those expressions!

(Truthfully, Roni didn't laugh hard enough at the first script I sent her, so I came up with this to try to get to her. Boy, I'm glad I did. Roni's not-laughing has created some of HotS's greatest moments.)

Anyway, it's 200! As usual, if you feel like celebrating along with us, link to us in your blog and/or website! If you don't, bitch about how awful it is that a crappy strip like us has made it to #200 while $better_strip gave up long ago... And link to us!

I kind of wanted Roni to put a party hat on Karla this time. But I couldn't justify it in the script. Alas.

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