Up High, Not Soaring, Part 1

Sponsored by Daniel Tu, a.k.a. "D2"

For Ryan "The Prayer Warrior" Irwin, gamer extraordinaire, and his Night Fox.

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Up High, Not Soaring, Part 1

Branch, at some appropriately clerical place, standing behind a counter. She is talking to a man (or woman) dressed in professional clothing, who looks supremely bored.

BRANCH: im only halfway through the books right now cause there are a lot of them and thats good cause i read fast but drizzt dourden is so mean

BRANCH: okay he has a kittie in a rock and thats cool but he grumps all the time and never likes flowers so i cant really get into him

BRANCH: thankfully i have only six books to go and then i can start on the rest of the d&d books to find out what happens there and it will be cool

PERSON: That’s all fine and well, but I just want a 401k form.

BRANCH: then again he squashes spiders so i guess hes not all bad….

CAPTION: Branch at the office.

Ferrett Says

Wow. Has it been a solid month since the end of the last serious storyline? Well, here we go again. Those of you who've wanted to know what's been happening with Branch since we left off at the end of the last Fluttershine arc... Well, here ya go.

Frustrating, so frustrating. We have much story to tell, and only twelve to sixteen panels a week to tell it in. It'd be lovely if we were popular enough that we could afford to ditch the daytime job and go daily, but.... That's the nature of webcomics, I guess. Anyhow, here's our return to Character. And stuff.

(No worries, though. I don't think we're ready for another three-month extravaganza again...)

Roni Says:

Except, you know, when we have 12 panels in a single strip...though you have been better about that.

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