Up High, Not Soaring, Part 4

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Branch and Anthony are somewhere else, talking – not the restaurant, for time has passed.

ANTHONY (concerned, but concerned for her): Branch, this is the fourth time we’ve gotten together…

BRANCH: …and then Picard says to Riker…

ANTHONY: And, you know, I’m….

ANTHONY: …look. I could deal with just being friends. But I thought maybe we could… date.

BRANCH (really shy): that would be nice

ANTHONY: But you never get near me. I haven’t even held your hand. Is there… is there someone else?

(BRANCH thinks of Duke Ash, romantically – there’s a balloon in the top of the panel, but she’s a little concerned.)

ANTHONY: …well?

BRANCH: maybe

ANTHONY (confused): Maybe?

Ferrett Says

In some ways, this is the riskiest storyline we've done until now. Branch is a hard character to write; what she says is so rarely important that it's almost impossible to nail her down with dialogue. And I don't think we could have done this in the beginning.

But it's lovely to throw it over to Roni, who catches the intent and makes it real. The expressions in this one? Way better than what I'd envisioned. Watching her take the situations I've created to form these strange shadow plays that aren't at all what I thought they'd be yet ring true is, I'd guess, something like a playwright watching a production of his work - it's not what he'd thought it would be, but it's something better.

Not that this really has anything to with the comic proper, but it's been awhile since I discussed the behind-the-scenes stuff. If you don't want to hear it, then let me suggest today's advertiser to you: Mike's Comics, who carries some truly awesome things. No, I mean that; I'm a Doctor Who junkie (and why, oh why, hasn't HotS done a Doctor Who gag strip yet when Firefly jokes litter the ground hereabouts?), and Mike's Comics has some great DVD selections that I've been envying for awhile... And more importantly, they have some of the all-important audio CDs that I've been envying. I really, really want the Peter Davison Big Finish audio series, which are sometimes hard to get, and they have them. Now if only I had the dosh....

Incidentally, by the time you read this I'll have undergone surgery to have eight teeth extracted from my gums. Oh, it's going to be a lovely day. I guess I'll stop babbling now. Given that this is fandom-related squees, maybe I should have done this in the Branch font....

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