Up High, Not Soaring, Part 5

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The Script For Today's Comic!

SCENE: Branch and Anthony, still talking.

ANTHONY (smiling): So you’re worried that sexy roleplaying counts as a relationship?

BRANCH (slightly warming up to him, happy): yeah

ANTHONY (really amused): Ha! No, I don’t think that counts. Not unless you’re sleeping with your GM…

BRANCH (hesitant, evasive, and even a little sad, but Anthony doesn’t notice): no that cant happen ever

ANTHONY: …so maybe we’re dating. Do you want to date?

BRANCH (eager): Oh yes. Yes.

ANTHONY (venturing softly): So maybe, as a first step, you could… you know…

(BRANCH stares blankly)

ANTHONY (slight despair): …maybe you could tell me where you live.

BRANCH (flatly): isnt my cell phone number enough?

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