Up High, Not Soaring, Part 6

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The Script For Today's Comic!

On a couch at Branch’s apartment. The two of them are sitting on the couch, apart from each other, distant. Anthony is staring ahead, glumly. Branch is blathering, looking straight ahead in enthusiastic joy, seated way ahead.

BRANCH: so then i realized that i couldnt track who was who consistently enough in song of ice and fire so i made a chart, and….

BRANCH (realizing what’s going on, turning to face him): …whats wrong?

ANTHONY (trying to be nice): Oh, nothing. It’s just that… well, this is our eleventh date, Branch.

ANTHONY: You say you want a romance, but… We haven’t even kissed. We’re still just sitting on a couch, talking about the same nerd stuff. I could be, you know…

ANTHONY: …anybody. Any friend.

(Branch considers this in a silent panel.

(Then, in the next panel, she snuggles up to Anthony, resting in the crook of his arm. His arm, however, has not moved off the back of the couch, as he reacts with slight surprise.

(Then Anthony, smiling with his eyes closed in a sort of deep sigh, moves his arm off the couch to put it around Branch’s shoulder.)

(In the final panel, Branch is launching herself out of Anthony’s arms with a WAAUUUUGGHHHHH! as Anthony looks on.)

Ferrett Says

I'm back, with fewer teeth. Things are all right, I s'pose, and I wouldn't normally say anything, but there's advertising news to be stated!

First of all, College Roomies From Hell is advertising with us again this week, and again, they're a heckuva strip, Brownie. Say hello, if you choose.

Secondly, we're trying out a sidebar banner for Project Wonderful - you can advertise to something like 6,500 unique users daily merely by bidding your cold hard cash! Right now, it's going for a scandalously low $.80 cents, which is not enough to keep Roni in art supplies, so hopefully someone will pitch in.

In unrelated news, I really can't wait for this Friday's comic. I usually try not to spoil, but I'm looking forward to how this story turns out. But I'm seein' it the same way you are; one strip at a time. Boo!

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