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For Phillip A. Coghill, aka PC, aka "wldntulk2knwwho." For watching all those animes with me. For fighting a losing fight in student government and convincing me to fight on. For bringing me back from the dead. We are Mittermeyer and Reuental with one important difference: I actually listened to your advice.

Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

The Script For Today's Comic!

A straight four-panel. In every panel, the tower is, of course, higher.


CAPTION: When I was fourteen, a few of the girls had jumped down from their tower. But I knew you could only jump once, and I wanted it to be special.

CAPTION: So I waited.


CAPTION: When I was seventeen, the tower had grown underneath my feet. A lot of the girls were jumping now, telling me how great it was, but I wasn稚 ready.

CAPTION: So I waited.


CAPTION: By the time I hit twenty-five, it was impossibly tall, and I didn稚 know how to fall. I wanted to jump, but there was no one to teach me.

CAPTION: So I waited.


CAPTION: Now I知 thirty. Nobody even knows I知 up here. If I fell from this height, I think I would shatter into a thousand pieces.

CAPTION: I知 waiting. I知 always waiting.

CAPTION: But I think I知 going to die here.

Ferrett Says

It feels a little weird to mention it with a strip like this up today, but in case you're curious as to what Home on the Strange looks like behind the scenes, I made a post on it the other day.

And with that, I'll leave you to this.

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