Who Is Your Savior?

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To Christopher B.: Good job, I'm proud of you. Keep your head up.

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom is eating breakfast when he hears the doorbell ring. At the door is a Jehovah's Witness, in a suit with a Bible under one arm, extending a pamphlet. He looks solemn and earnest.

WITNESS: Hello, sir, have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?

TOM (sleepy): Um, no, sorry. I follow the path of, uh... Doctor Who.

WITNESS: Pardon me? Isn't that a TV show?

TOM (warming to the concept as he realizes this is an opportunity to fuck with people - and it should be obvious that Tom is playing with him): Not just a show, sir. I assure you it's ALL REAL.

TOM (dreamily): He saved us from the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Yeti, putting his life on the line for all mankind. What a guy! Why wouldn't you worship a guy like that? He's my TIME Lord and savior!

WITNESS: But that's just fiction!

TOM (gesturing at his Bible): Please. At least I have video evidence of my Savior. All you have is, what? That collection of Jesus fanfic there?

Ferrett Says

Some of you (the ones who weren't paying attention to our preview) may have been expecting to see more Branch here. Sorry. That was the end of that storyline. We'll return, but not today. Today is cheap jokes.

It's interesting; Roni and I know precisely where the Karla and Tom arc is going. We know fairly well what's happening with Tanner and Izzy over the next year. But Branch shows up one arc at a time, almost as if she's broadcasting herself to us. (And I have the distinct worry that Branch is going to somehow intertwine with the carefully-laid plans of other characters and pull the whole thing down like a house of cards, but that's a worry for a later today.)

Oh - it's not just cheap jokes, but plugs! Drow Tales has purchased our top ad banner this week, and by Gaw they have some pretty art. I must confess I haven't read the archives, but that's because there are a lot of them and I've been getting back in swing after the extraction. But I have a deep and abiding love of Drow (did I mention they're almost extinct in my Planescape campaign thanks to a tussle with the undead shade of Orcus?), so I'm predisposed to like 'em.

Message ends.

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