Who Is Your Savior? (Regeneration Remix)

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The Script For Today's Comic!

WHO IS YOUR SAVIOR? (Special Regeneration Version)

The Jehovah's Witness is looking confused and disconcerted.

WITNESS (getting vaguely upset, but not mad): Jesus upset the temple of the moneylenders!

TOM (implacably calm, perhaps polishing his fingernails): Doctor Who saved the earth from destruction by the Cybermen!

WITNESS: Jesus made it possible for us to live eternally!

TOM: Doctor Who helped the Scarlioni create all life on Earth!

WITNESS: Jesus will bring us all to Heaven when the Revelation comes!

TOM: Doctor Who will save us from the Dalek Invasion of 2164!

WITNESS: But that hasn't HAPPENED yet!

TOM: Neither has yours. Mine is just as valid, except my guy time travels.

TOM (airily): You can believe what you like, of course. That's your choice. I just like a Savior who has a talking robot dog and a flying phone booth.

WITNESS (finally losing it): But Jesus came back from the DEAD!

TOM (waving him off): Pfeh. When he comes back eight more times, he can talk to me.

Ferrett Says

Two brief things before you read about Roni's original HotS artwork raffle:

1) Yes, I know the Scarlioni life-creation wasn't quite like that. Tom doesn't.

2) For the record, I'm a Christian. I do believe in Jesus, and His healing powers. But I also keep my science and my faith in two separate locations, and I keep my humor in a little closet in the far left corner.

Roni Says:

Here's a bit of last minute HotS news for those of you in Ohio. If you're going to Marcon in Columbus, stop by the NocraM table for a chance to win some original Home on the Strange artwork! NocraM is a group formed by some friends of mine devoted to the twin ideals of helping writers, artists and developers break into the gaming industry as well as throwing the best annual party they can muster. I've donated some signed prints as well as the original art from Strip #30 "A Much-Needed Service" and Strip #31 "A Date With Density: Prologue" for a fund-raising raffle. (Don't worry, I, also being a struggling game artist, get a cut). I will only be there in spirit, not in person, but they're still a really fun crowd. Please stop by, check out the art and maybe buy a ticket or twelve!

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