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The Script For Today's Comic!

MELANIE: "Tyler," I say, "If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll go
to bed now!" And I sent him to bed. But I'm tired of arguing with

KARLA: Well, you could sneak it on him.

MELANIE (sarcastic): What? Like sliding spinach down his throat when he's asleep?

KARLA: No, no - I read about a cookbook that's about hiding veggies. You puree some carrots and cauliflower, put it into a light cookie batter, and bam! Nutrition.

MELANIE: I don't know - it seems like caving in. But maybe it's a stopgap for the really bad nights....

MELANIE (getting up): Now if you'll excuse me, I have to visit the little girls' room.

IZZY: Who are you, and what have you done with Karla?

KARLA: I'm a 12th-level Corporate Drone. You don't GET to 12th level
without putting 8 ranks into Meaningless Small Talk.

Ferrett Says

Four items of potential interest to you:

1) The item Karla is discussing is a real book, and can be found here. I know this because my mother wanted it, and we looked through it at the Barnes and Noble, and I was really amazed at the tricks this woman could pull. She’s like a magician of carrots.

2) I forgot to mention it because I was out of town briefly, but we have an exclusive advertiser for this whole month: Powerstorm, maker of a fine collectible card game, will be appearing on our top banner for this whole month. This is mighty awesome of them, and you should reward them by checking out their game. (I’ll be getting a review copy, as will Roni, but I don’t know if it’ll arrive soon enough for a review before their month is up!)

3) The New Adventures of Queen Victoria is up and running at Her Majesty can use the traffic, so check Her out!

4) Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic – perhaps the most inappropriately-named webcomic around - hit its one-year anniversary last week, and they’re still as awesome as ever. The art’s a joy, the gags are funny, and I’d advise you all to get ‘em while they’re young.

Wait; we’re just over a year old. Well, I guess us spring chickens have to stick together.

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