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The Script For Today's Comic!

The New Minion, Part 5

Karla, dropping by Izzy’s cube.

KARLA: Hey, Izzy! Ready to go to lunch?

IZZY: I dunno. Um, is Marge coming?

KARLA: Of course! She’s my minion-in-training-slash-secretary!

IZZY: Look, Karla – don’t take this the wrong way, Marge is nice, but…

IZZY: All we talk about at lunch is school scheduling and coupons and soap operas when Marge is around. I miss bitching about Buffy with you.

KARLA: Izzy, the plan is that we listen to her for awhile and then introduce her to our lifestyle.

KARLA: You can’t just minionize someone all at once – you have to be friends with them first. Then minioning.

IZZY: Wait a minute – am I your minion?

KARLA: You’re too balky. You’re either “ally,” “onlooker,” or “threat to be backstabbed during your sudden but inevitable betrayal.”

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