A Love That Spans Time Itself

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Izzy and Tanner are snuggling.

TANNER: So we're really dating now? Seriously?

IZZY (snuggly, loving, content): OH yeah.

TANNER: Then it's time I told you The Secret.

TANNER (serious): When I was seven years old, I thought I was actually

TANNER: I could play Atari with my feet, so I decided I was
half-orangutan. Then one day I ate bananas until I puked, and decided
I wasn't.

TANNER (embarrassed): It was such a STUPID thought. And I've never
living soul about that until this day. Not even Tom.

TANNER (with an air of gravity): Only you have this knowledge, Izzy.

IZZY (confused): Tanner, that's nice, but... why are you TELLING me

TANNER (dead serious): So if you fall through a hole in the time-space
continuum and have to convince an earlier version of my self that you
me well, now you have my secret code!

IZZY (vaguely worried, but perhaps happy): Is this what it's going to
like, dating a nerd?

TANNER: Now you tell me yours. Then we'll work on a "Groundhog Day"

Ferrett Says

I'd like to tell you that this isn't taken from real life. No, I really would.

You'd also be surprised how troublesome this strip was from a continuity perspective. The first two versions of Tanner's secret actually contradicted two things in the character's history - one a "Tanner's age" issue, the other the childhood backstory that Roni and I have developed for Tanner (even if it hasn't shown up much here yet). Fortunately, Roni caught both of them before we went to press, so thank Roni: Continuity Cop for that.

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