More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2

IZZY: Tanner? What the hell have you done to my apartment?

TANNER: I had a conversation with a kid at the comics shop about the Transformers.

IZZY: Go onÖ.

TANNER: By the time they came out, I was in high school. I was too old. But now, every time I turn around, thereís some kid posting about how great Optimus Prime was or how awesome GI Joe was.

TANNER: So Iím in my time machine. I have a bowl of Sugar Smacks, Iím surrounded by cheap toys, and Iím taking the entire weekend to watch Transformers on this old Magnavox VCR. Iím going to relive a childhood I never had!

IZZY: Tanner, thatís just stupid. You canítÖ.

IZZY: Are those Garanimals youíre wearing?

TANNER: Iím ďLion.Ē Got it on eBay!

Ferrett Says

You know, this storyline involves a surprising amount of detail work. I told you I had to research weird things.

But hey. At least we've revealed the last of the strange things I was researching. There are weirder things still to determine, but that's for future strips.

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