More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3

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...tanner's playin' kiddie and don't wanna rise above it /
don't know if it will last, but the go-bots he does covet /
and he likes it, he loves it, he wants some more of it!

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The Script For Today's Comic!

More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3

Still in Izzy’s apartment. Izzy thinks Tanner is crazy, but for reasons that will be explained shortly.

IZZY: Tanner, this is crazy! You can’t relive someone else’s childhood!

TANNER: Why not? All the twenty-somethings love the Transformers. All I’m doing is putting myself in their shoes.

IZZY: They’re shoes of insanity!

IZZY: I know you want to feel young and hip. But you can’t artificially create a love for a TV show designed for eight-year-old kids by acting like a kid!

IZZY: Nobody sane does this! It’s –

IZZY: - hold that thought. Someone's at the door.

(She opens the door. Tom and Karla are there, dressed in horrible eighties’ kids’ clothes that I will leave up to you… But they are garish, and look like they’re dressed up for Halloween, perhaps even in PJs. Tom is carrying some terrible 90s merchandise, and they both look bright and eager.)

BOTH OF THEM: Can Tanner come out to play?

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