More Than Meets The Eye, Part 4

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Karla, Tom, and Tanner are on the couch.

IZZY: Look, guys, this isn’t going to work.

TOM: Tanner, this is awesome.

TANNER: Thank you.

IZZY: This is just childish – and not in a good way!

TOM: We are so going to capture the Magic of Transformers by acting like eight-year-olds. It’s a total recreation! You have Garanimals, you have a cheap VCR, you have sugar smacks…

IZZY: I mean, what are you hoping to accomplish?

TOM: … you even have a parental authority figure telling us that we have better things to do!

IZZY: What?

TOM: I’m sorry. I thought you were part of the mystique.

IZZY: No, I genuinely think you’re insane.

TOM: Fair enough.

Ferrett Says

Ah, summer. The "slow season" of webcomics, or so I'm told. But here we are, chuggin' along.

I should add that if anyone's looking for me to attend a convention of theirs, I'm available. Just email us and let's talk about a personal appearance.

But then again, it's June. I always hate June. June is truly the cruelest month.

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