More Than Meets The Eye, Part 7

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tanner and Izzy, on the couch. He is comforting her.

TANNER: So thatís why you didnít want me to watch Transformers? You had your heart broken?

IZZY: You were thirteen, Tanner. I was eight. I lived it.

IZZY: Objectively, I know itís a terrible show. But when youíre a kid, there comes a show that calls to you.

IZZY: For the first time, you get it without your parents having to explain it to you. You want to be Optimus; his friends are your friends.

IZZY: And if youíre lucky, you donít watch it again. Because itís never as good the second time around.

IZZY: But no matter how cheesy it is, inside of you thereís always an eight-year-old whoíll be crying for Optimus Prime.

TANNER: I just wanted to feel that like you did.

IZZY: Thatís the magic of being a kid, sweetie. It only comes once.

Ferrett Says

Tomorrow, it shall be my thirty-eighth birthday.

Alert the media.

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