Buffy vs. Alan Greenspan

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To James,
how cruel to suggest the bridal buffy theme then snatch it away again, our little Spike surrogate.

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Buffy vs. Alan Greenspan

Panel 1:
(Karla, Tom, and Tanner, sitting in front of what is obviously a television, watching in what is, sadly, a very boring panel to draw. Hang on a bit. Tanner is in the middle, looking slightly distressed.)

KARLA (enthusiastically, obviously the happiest to be here): "See, Tanner, the great thing about Buffy is that every season has a new villain!"

TANNER: "Uh-huh."

KARLA: "That's how Buffy fans remember the show! By villain."

Panel 2:
KARLA: "Season One is The Master, and two is "

TOM: *cough cough*

KARLA: " and Season Three is the Mayor, and then there's Adam, and Glory, andů"

Panel 3:
KARLA (looking irritated, knowing that the answer's on the tip of her tongue, butů): "Who's the villain in Season Six?"

TOM: "Minimum wage."

KARLA: "Oh, that's right."

Ferrett Says

In the internal parlance that Roni and I have developed to discuss our strips, today’s comic is what we call an “on-ramp” – namely, a comic that requires no familiarity at all with the characters, but deals with a fandom in some way that people may well link to it.

The premiere example of an “on-ramp” strip is from Queen of Wands, a strip that didn’t impress me much at first. An interesting thing about comic strips is that for me, I rarely embrace them wholeheartedly; rather, I take a nibble, wander away, take another nibble, wander away, and then after stumbling upon a few really funny strips, I finally work my way through the archives and become a devoted reader.

Thus, when everyone started linking to Queen of Wands’ Darwin Strip, and and the Grammar Nazi strips, I laughed… and wandered away. But after a couple of “on-ramp” strips, I finally decided that hell, there was no reason to stop back intermittently, and added it to my daily web-trawl of webcomics.

(Any similarities between Karla and Kestrel have nothing to do with the fact that I find Kestrel ragingly hot. Yes, I know she’s a cartoon. She’s a hot cartoon.)

In any case, when I set about writing my own comic, I determined that occasionally, I too would have on-ramps – semi-isolated strips that could serve as an on-ramp if you haven’t been following the comic. The Battlestar Galactica strip was a perfect example of an on-ramp, as was (inadvertently) the “Polygamerous” strip. Admittedly, it’s not like the character development thus far has been so complex that you couldn’t glean the context, but that’s going to change fairly soon. I think most webcomics should have on-ramps, and Websnark seems to positively delight in pointing them out.

In this case, I suspect that this is on-rampy because a lot of people were pissed off by Season Six of Buffy – if only because it was so transparent. Oh my gosh, Buffy’s unemployed! You could practically hear the plot gears creaking as the season conspired to drive Buffy to work at a burger joint. Okay, apparently the baddest chick in Sunnydale can’t get a job as a bodyguard, or someone who trains people in self-defense, because… Well, because the producers said so. And her cheap-ass friends – who are living at her house, mind you – can’t seem to chip in with the rent.

And what sort of job does Buffy get? The night shift? Ah, yes, the perfect job for the Slayer.

Anyway. If you like Buffy, hey, you might remember who the real villain was. The punchline to this could equally well have been “the writers,” and maybe it darned well should have.

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